Surfside, Florida 2006-2015 Residents claim it's the Most Corrupt Community in the United States of America

Never Trust a Community that doesn't trust
South Florida is awash in illegal money, and even federal investigators can no longer ignore this area as the center of corruption

Rothstein adviser Michael Szafransky pleads guilty
"Prosecutors say Szafranski formerly of Surfside, FL lured investors - some of them members of his own synagogue - to Rothstein through a variety of deceptions, including assurances he reviewed confidential legal settlements that did not actually exist. Rothstein’s scam was based on offering investors high returns for putting their money into settlements that turned out to be fake."

Open Invitation from Citizens and Taxpayers of Surfside

To:  Officials of the FBI, IRS, the FDLE, US Department of Justice Civil Rights Division, Florida Attorney General, Statewide Prosecutor's Office, Florida Inspector General's Office, Florida Auditor General's Office, Florida Commission on Ethics
Fr:   People of the Town of Surfside, Florida
Investigators:  please dig into the dense smoke that has been coming out of Surfside Town Hall for the last several years and continuing today because the raging fires causing that smoke warrant your serious attention - do not be dissuaded by the evasion and deception and denials and coverups of town officials, town lawyers, and key town employees.  Consider the facts and details and dates and names and documents that are included in this web site and elsewhere - violations depriving the people of Surfside and elsewhere of honest government services need to be stopped and prosecuted. Corruption in finances, contracts, zoning, projects, violations of public trust are numerous and currently occurring and we sound the alarm and invite you in to thoroughly cleanse this horrible mess.

From a highly trusted source: 7/25/2015

An armed robbery in Surfside, less than a block from the police station, and no public notice or information sent to town residents by elected officials?  Two town residents followed from Walmart and robbed at gunpoint a block from the Surfside Police station and three hours later the bandits were found and arrested by Miami Dade Police officers who came in with manpower and dogs and a helicopter.

Another highly trusted source tells us: Thursday, 7/23.  My understanding is that 2 young Orthodox men were the victims of an armed robbery on the 300 block of 93rd st.  Don't know the details but MDC helicopter and k9 flushed them out at 92&93 St.

Another crime wave is rolling through Surfside without resistence. Town officials are fighting crime like it was birds to be deterred by scarecrow empty police cars parked around town but - no almost no patrol, just cops hanging out, texting, writing tickets, watching movies on laptops, and churning overtime by guarding construction sites for developers. In that way, they are just like the mayor and commissioners - all working for the developers, not the residents and taxpayers.

At 1:00 pm today, July 29, 2015, a homeowner returned to his residence in the 8800 block of Garland Avenue and observed a dark skinned Latin male, 6 foot, 210 lbs., and 30 years of age exiting his garage. The subject fled on a bicycle south on Byron Avenue to Miami Beach. The subject stole a can of WD 40 from inside the garage. The garage door was left open by the homeowner. Entrance was not made into the house.

Town officials have no problem telling residents that their sand is safe (despite arsenic and metals and nails in it from greedy developers who have somehow compensated officials) but they can't tell us that there are armed robbers in our newly overdeveloped and over congested neighborhood?

Presumably town officials are focused on building parking garages with residents' money for the benefit of overdevelopment and greedy developers who don't have to pay to put their own parking inside of massive developments, so they can build more units.

Just let Surfside residents pay for the future parking, and let's invite all of the rest of Miami Dade County to park in those parking garages and go to the beach.  The idea of Mayor Dietch and his band of cronies is to put all the cost upon the residents, all the impacts upon the residents, destroy local quality of life, and sell it all out to developers and money transfer people who enrich the few at the expense of the many.  Surfside Town Hall is now a disgraceful center of depriving residents and taxpayers of an honest government.
"Obviously, U.S. Attorney Wilfredo A. Ferrer doesn’t allow lawyers like Benedict P. Kuehne, a/k/a Master of Delay, get away with bull**** in his courtroom" (Quote)
Which town officials have foreign bank accounts? Which town officials have had their mortgages paid off? Which town officials have been able to buy out of state vacation properties? Which town officials have been given shares of stock, to sell off in the future? What schemes lie beneath the zoning sellout, the bond issue sellouts, the parking garages fiasco plans, and the movement of big bucks through Surfside?

Welcome to Florida
Try to Guess Which State Has the Most Prison Escapees Still At Large | GQ

And that counts only the arrested, convicted, and incarcerated escapees!

Not counted anywhere, though, is the huge number of current elected and appointed public officials who are immensely corrupted, who serve themselves and their own hidden profiteering agendas, while back-stabbing the constituents they are supposed to be serving.

Through lies and picking pockets, the corrupt conspirators continue to get very wealthy to say the least. They are escapees also.

Surfside's Dirty Side

NEW:  7/2/2015
Meeting of Surfside Mayor and Town Manager, 2015.

Nothing ever changes, either in Miami, Miami Beach or Surfside. It's the same old scheme.

Hey y'all just making a shout out to former Surfside Town Commissioner Mark Blumstein.  Don't remember him? Look up your SURFSIDE TOWN HISTORY

Last honest Surfside administrations occured with
Honorable Mayors Paul Novack (1992-2004) and Honorable Tim Will Mayor 2004 - 2006.

Surfside got hijacked by

 The Corrupt Administration of Charles W. Burkett IV in 2006

Mark Blumstein was a crony of hypocrisy chief, Charles Burkett. Who is Charles Burkett?

The organized plan to take over of the Town of Surfside originated earlier but actually took place under the Burkett regime, of Blumstein, Howard S. Weinberg ...Weinberg's connection to Pornography: Sobonito, Coto, Levine with more help from new residents moving into town. Stay tuned in for more information, on Daniel Dietch and Michael Karuken,....Eli Tourgeman, And you are probably wondering how it all happened. Wonder no more!.....Barry Cohen, Marta Olchek aka Marta Kozolchyk Olchyk. It's all here for you to read:  Follow the imaginary yellow brick road in Surfside and you will know what we are blogging about.          

 Obvious to morally inclined people:  conflicts of interest?

Deceptive, manipulative abuse of the "consent agenda" scam can preclude the public from knowing what is going on. For example, deviations of town spending from the town budget in this agenda, gets glossed over with no public explanation. To understand how these "consent agendas" are used, read Alex Daoud's book Sins of South Beach.

It is interesting to note that the good Mayor Daniel Dietch, recently completed a massive solar panel project on his home - and one of the ordinances push through was most likely pertaining to him... But now we imagine of course it would apply to all applicants for solar panels?

And they still haven't dealt with short-term rentals which for all intents and purposes are illegal.

Sure Dietch, change laws to facilitate what you want to put on your house. Now that you've changed the law, have you also gotten a freebie or huge discount to put that stuff up there and publicize how 'green' you are? Green indeed. Did the developers pay for those solar panels? Where is the paper trail?

And while we are talking about developers paying for something in return, let's not overlook former Mayor Howard S. Weinberg's underhanded dealings.
So does the Bal Harbour Mayor, all members of the Village Council, the Village Attorney and his firm, the Village Manager, the Village Auditors, and the officers of the Bank, all take a walk and claim they know nothing? What a ridiciulous, outradeous Sgt. Shultz routine that is! They dealt with money launderers the same as they deal with developers .... its all about rolling in cash and spewing profits to the side to enrich certain people. Bal Harbour and Surfside have one thing in common:
The Untold Story
Officials who have no clue about ethics or public service.

  Money Laundering Machine
Not even our attorney did anything to stop it,” said Lynne Bloch-Mullen. “
This time, the people will not stand by you.”

How did it happen you ask?  It's because they have the same spokespeople.

Morons.No setbacks, zero.No compliance with public interest zoning limitiations. Total control of Surfside town attorney, town manager, town mayor, town commission, and town building deparment.Disgraceful results. Huge profit to the developer with ties to zoning lawyers and policitians who walk away "enriched".

Taken from "clean up city of St. Augustine, Fl blog

We neither confirm nor deny the following connections to Akerman Senterfitt Clients listed in that blog. Ole-Boy Network Akerman-Senterfitt....Google connections to Chabad

1, Developers-Sylvia Coltrane, Grand Beach Hotel Surfside and City of Miami, Fl
2.CB richard ellis , Lareine Steinfeld, Martin Wiescholeck and Jay Senter. Who is Martin Wiescholeck?  And, who is Jay Senter; Where did he come from?

MJI has been under scrutiny since a Forward article in the fall of 2012 revealed that during the past decade the college, run by a rabbi affiliated with the Chabad-Lubavitch sect of Judaism, had increased its student body dramatically.

Former Honorable Mayors Paul Novack and Tim Will kept the developers at bay until 2006. Martin Wiescholek was the first agitator to disrupt Surfside, starting in 2001. He failed in his attempt to take over the Town. Jay Senter arrived and took over where Wiescholek and his wife Marion Ott left it, and he also failed to get what they all wanted.

3.Gibraltor Private Bank and Trust Company, Michael Szafranski
4.Teva pharmaceuticals-Lobbyist Ron Book, Michael Karukin...Who is Ron Book?
5.City of Gainsville where former Manager W.D. Higginbotham was employed as Manager
6.HSBC-Eli Tourgeman-... Daniel Dietch and Michael Karukin... 

It was always rumored that in exchange for his pushing of 5 variances for the Shul in about 1990 that Tourgeman was given a seat up front in the Shul that would normally require a $25,000 donation. We acknowledge "The SHUL" has many prominent members....doctors, lawyers and we allege they will be indebted to Eli Tourgeman.    Just like Charlie Burkett's electrician who checked the Community Center pool and "discovered" a faulty underwater light causing the pool to be shut, destroyed and rebuilt.

7. Michael Szafranski and Scott Rothstein Ponzi Scheme...Who is Michael Szasfranski?

Blumstein orchestrated and implimented a ridiculous and corrupt looking contract for a town attorney, and 'awarded' it to his pal Lynn Danheisser. {Contract Charade}.

We sure pulled one over on Surfside suckers

She in turn proceeded to sell out all of Surfside's zoning code to her clients and fellow developer lawyers who acually wrote the new town codes and she signed it.

It's interesting to note that Bay Harbor Islands, Bal Harbour and Surfside, Floria converge at "The Shul". One might say all roads to and from the area are controlled by the members of The Shul. We say, check the history.

Is the Chabad movement that most if not all the players in this scheme are associated with?

We are attempting to show that every single member of the Surfside, administration with the exception of former Commissioner Joseph Gaubart

Is connected to the "Shul" in one way or another
“We are children of the rebbe, soldiers of the army of the rebbe; we are not politicians,”
Attributed to former Commissioner Sheldon Lisbon
One does not have to actually be a card carrying member of "The Shul" to benefit. Ask Eli Tourgeman what his reward was for allowing it to be built in the first place. It's all here on the blog.

Bernard Madoff and Scott Rothstein were both Chabad members tied to "The Shul" in Surfside, Fl.

Blumstein endorsed the whole sellout and pretended to be proud of what he did, which essentially was to sell out his constituents, the residents and taxpayers of Surfside.

Blumstein was one of the chief architects of the Community Center project fiasco; the destruction of the historic building, and the wasting of ten million dollars of taxpayers' money for chosen planners and builders, etc.

Now in 2015 ol' Mark Blumstein has proclaimed that it is time for him to become a Judge. He has applied for appointment by Rick Scott to the bench in Miami-Dade.  Hmmm ... worth a look back to these prior pages about the guy who wants to be a judge and the gal who he got a sweet crazy town attorney deal for.

And yes, the same bunch of professional agitators along with zoning-breakers who have been engineering the shafting of Surfside residents / taxpayers allegedly have backgrounds that should have alarmed town officials instead of ingratiating them to become partners in schemes with them.

Are these the same guys who injected themselves into Surfside? And just what was their involvement in writing and getting the RLUIPA law passed by the Clinton Administration"

Currently being litigated is the conflict RLUIPA presents to municipalities' zoning and regulating rights.Through RLUIPA, Congress has expanded religious accommodations to a point where it appears to restrict municipalities' zoning power. Arguably, RLUIPA gives religious landowners a special right to challenge land use laws which their secular neighbors do not have. But those defending RLUIPA would say this preference toward religion is in the First Amendment's religion clauses, so the law is just administering the Constitution itself. Even if a zoning law is void of discrimination, the court reviewing a challenge will apply strict scrutiny to the city's regulation. Source: Wikipedia

David Jaroslawicz 9116 Byron Avenue, Surfside, FL 33154-3137
Isaac Jaroslawicz 9116 Byron Avenue, Surfside, FL 33154-3137
Isaac Jaroslawicz...Since birds of a feather fly together we can only wonder how many other's in the take over scheme were / are involved.      More....Brings back memories of Sobonito