Surfside, Florida 2006-2015 Residents claim it's the Most Corrupt Community in the United States of America

Since 2006, Surfside politicians have been lying to their own constituents.  Since 2006, Surfside politicians have been putting town codes, zoning, laws, and regulations up for sale so that outside profiteers can write the changes for their own use and benefit. 

Today, town officials are at the epitome of deception and basically committing treason against the community they are sworn to protect.  The lies are numerous and huge.  The zoning code has been changed to suit the developers and the results are now coming in and soon the biggest most disgustingly huge and overbearing impact are soon to be erected in what had always been a peaceful residential town but now it is becoming a paradise not for the residents but instead for the organized criminal or unethical element that is now in control of Town Hall.

New York Post, January 25, 2015 quote, edited by this blog.

A day after Preet Bharara, the Manhattan US attorney, busted Democratic Assembly Speaker ....... ......, he urged the public to get mad as hell and demand an honest government.
“Wherever corruption is on the rise, that means democracy is on the decline,” Bharara said, calling ......“a cauldron of corruption.”
The prosecutor also mocked the infamous “three men in a room” phenomenon, asking pointedly, “When did .......... ... ....... agree to be ruled like a triumvirate in Roman times?” This blog says Bharara should move to Florida and clean it up. Below is the Surfside Commission Motto:

The new town manager has discovered and reported that the last town manager Roger Carlton was full of it? That his cost of moving contaminated sand was artificially low by about 800%? Surfside is corrupt to the core and its town officials cannot be believed any more ... if their jaws are moving, they are lying. The mayor and commission are responsible for this despite their evasive tactics.

Town Meeting January, 13 2015:
Mayor Dietch says that he has been "enlightened" by Commissioner Olchek and that his "heart is warmed" by the atmosphere.  He must be delusional.  The meeting is full of town residents holding signs calling for the recall of the mayor and the prosecution of the corrupt town government that he 'leads'.  Do any of these so called "leaders" know how ultimately stupid, disingenuous, and deception they OBVIOUSLY are?  Clearly they do not, they are consumed with their egos. 

There was alot of criticism at that meeting against the censorship of comments on the town's facebook page.  So, in the next few days, there will probably be much less deletions and much less censorship.  They took hits as being like communist countries, etc.  So NOW is the time for people with facebook pages to post comments on the town facebook page Read and comment here on this blog.

Ask anyone you know who is on facebook to cut and paste these links onto the town facebook page with comments about the value of truth and free speech and how the town of surfside has been hijacked by special interests, etc but at least these url's:

2015 marks the height of hypocrisy, deception, and manipulation emanating from Surfside as being the most corrupt local government in the entire nation.

Selective code enforcement is the rule in the Town of Surfside.  Town Hall slams its political opponents with any trick in the book and uses town codes to bring false unwarranted overreaching pressure on those who do not agree with Town Hall's policy on catering to special interests and giving the bill to residents.

On the other hand the special interests who feed the greed at Town Hall get a free ride with no code enforcement and no zoning enforcement and massive buildings are fine as long as they generate cash for the chosen few who have their sly hand extended where it cannot be readily seen.  Everything about Surfside is for sale by a grossly inept and unethical town government.  Meantime water rates for residents are ridiculously high, and the next step for this robbery is for the town to jack up garbage rates on residents. And we will pay for those new big water pipes for many years to come - all for the enrichment of developers and their minions. Even the public beach, once thought sacrosanct, is being sold out, contaminated, and ruined, all for the mighty dollar.

Commercial Marina behind 1264 Biscaya Drive, where boat slips are rented, dinner cruises are embarked, bay sundown cruises depart, and commercial boats of various kinds are operated -- all without permits, all in a residential area, all without occupational licenses for use at that location, all thumbing their collective noses at town laws, county laws, and state laws

WE NOTE HERE: Construction stopped as soon as this photo was published on this blog. Why do you suppose that happened?

County DERM officials have noticed that Surfside is out of control.

They see
1. commercial activity in a residential area and 
2. commercial activity on a non-licensed commercial dock/pier
3. non-permitted installation of additional pilings
4. non-permitted dockage of commercial vessels
5. non-permitted commercial filming and and a thumb-nose attitude?

Town officials do NOTHING but are county officials awakening to the everythings-for-sale insanity of town policies.  Is it getting to the point where the ineptness, the greed, the corruption of the Town of Surfside is even too much for Miami-Dade officials to stomach?  Imagine that.

Developers are given free reign to destroy Surfside's quality of life, to destroy the safety and quality of its public beach, to force the taxpayers to pay for parking garages so they can build more units instead of parking, to force taxpayers to pay for bigger water and sewer systems to accommodate more and more and more development, to impose all burdens of overdevelopment upon the people and to convey all profits to the developers - and the politicians who are controlled and manipulated and directed - what a group of profiteers and corrupted people who are ruining the jewel community of Surfside Florida.

The Complete Story of Surfside's Corruption