This Blog is about the ideals, the aspirations, the honor of a community; and how corrupt, selfish, greedy people with motives and deceptive tactics can seek to undermine a town for their own personal profit......More important links on this blog

If you want action to change this Honor Among Thieves aka [Corrupt Surfside Government], complain to the F.B.I. and get your friends and neighbors in to follow your lead. Take a bite of the apple, you will feel better.

We appeal to workers within the Corrupt Surfside Administration, If you have information about local corruption, contact the F.B.I. in Miami either anonymously or as a whistle blower using your own name.  We know how difficult a decision it can be to take that first step. No one associated with this blog will ever see your information, or identity.

In 2014 the Surfside Town Commission is totally engulfed in self preservation.  They want to keep the money flowing from the residents to their friends,  so they are plotting to become  immune from being tossed out of office.    Their  plot is a referendum to convince Surfside voters to change the entire system of the town.  Calling for Longer terms of office.  Staggered terms of office. To accomplish it they all have to be agreeing with each other.

Elections that can no longer throw the rascals out because they are locked in.  Probably, for decades.  They want a system that prevents change.  They want a system that preserves nothing about the Surfside community but preserves everything about their own power and self interest.

When in 2014 the voters of Surfside are asked to make changes to the Town Chater, everyone's vote needs to be a resounding NO.  Vote NO for all the changes that the deceptive and self serving Town Officials plan to ask us to say yes to.  Let's vote a big NO to stop or slow down the train of waste and corruption that has enveloped Surfside.

Let's get the Town of Surfside, Florida to open it's books to the public. One of Many Examples:

TRUST? Hah what a joke that is.

The Town of Surfside, Florida was a valuable training ground for troops during WW11.... It's beach is known by tourists from around the world. But now, the entire Town has fallen into a state of neglect. Photos taken 6/29/2014.

6/23/2014:  Miami Dade announces formation of new task force to fight public corruption. It's about time! Often, the people doing the investigating have a conflict of interest with the parties involved in the corruption.

We really need a Federal Grand Jury on this one. But we also need an honest investigation, unlike that of operation Court Broom which was conducted by a Florida Grand Jury. State Grand juries have continuously indicted Public Officials for Corruption for at least 50 years, only to have local judges throw out the charges.

"Judges were captured on audio or videotapes accepting bribes. Marked money was found in their homes or offices.

Yet, after seven months of trial. Florida's biggest judicial corruption probe ended with a mixed verdict that was widely seen as a stunning defeat for government prosecutors."

Surfside Town Manager Michael P. Crotty,
Resigns suddenly after one year in this Highly Corrupt Surfside Government.
According to Mayor Daniel Dietch: "a great town manager" but yet one "unable to provide the administrative leadership necessary". Obviously, he (Crotty) did not follow the Commission's heavy boot step doctrine allegedly laid down in early 2000 by Former President Richard Nixon's Dirty trickster  and former Surfside neighbor of both Charles Burkett and Howard Weinberg,..... Roger Stone.

Honorable hard working insiders tell us Michael Crotty was too honest a man for the Mayor and Commission and he initiated his own retirement to protect his integrity.

From another insider: Now that Crotty left,  there's a good chance others may leave. They will leave as they do not want to find themselves in a compromising position.  To put it in other words, meaning to approve items, projects, etc. that may not be financially feasible.  Sound familiar?  Remember the under ground utilities project?

Obviously Surfside is now looking for a replacement Manager with this in it's ad. We are certain the new Town Manager will be; Cynically speaking, Sheldon Lisbon. We think he would make a great Manager as the ultimate insider from the local area. He obviously speaks his mind and it's the same diatribe the rest of the Administration follows.

After reading the contents of this blog we ask you when, since the year 2006, has the Town of Surfside been responsive to the needs of it's citizens.

Surfside is also searching for a highly sensitive and confidential support administrator to the Town Manager......Does that mean Eric Snowden types need not apply?  Without people like him we would never know how residents feel about the all the corrupt governments from 2006 including the Dietch Administration. We have our own secret sources to tell us what's occurring inside  the walls of injustice called "Town Hall".

 Few organizations can match their secrecy credentials to the current TOS.  There was quite an attempt for a while with a group known as the Dixie Mafia, The Italian Mafia, The Jewish Mafia and the The Purple Gang. Other names attributed to them were the DLM, Elan Vital etc..

Real estate is one of the most conducive areas for hiding proceeds of financial crime and money laundering.

Now we have another cover up: Should we trust "Chaos" aka "I know nothing" Karukin, Dietch aka Machiavelli, and their "experts"? Or do lower levels of metals poison people?

Has anyone checked the Surfside water system for arsenic or lead?

 Surfside covers it's beautiful clean beaches with contaminated, poisoned soil, enriching developers at every possible opportunity and corrupting more than the integrity of the public beach. Town Hall is contaminated with officals who deceive residents and sell out everything good about Surfside.

The Hypocrisy of Surfside: Town officials talk about Green Environment Interests. In reality, Town Officials Act Solely Upon Green Money Interests

Arsenic On Surfside Beach! June 10, 2014 Commission meeting: Residents force mayor to concede there is a problem with arsenic and possibly lead on the beach. Commissioner Michael Karukin says it's CHAOS . Better yet, Can I change my vote?

Hear what Surfside residents think about it. Then, add your voice. For more comments read them at the bottom of each post.