Ch2M and The Mayor of Surfside, Florida

The "anything goes" approach to code enforcement in the Town of Surfside has just hit a dangerous new low
Town officials have been turning a blind eye to anything that turns a profit. Huge continuing contracts, selling out the zoning code, and not enforcing community protection codes is the way Town Hall operates these days. 
For example, the monstrous developments on Collins Avenue. For another example, private houses being allowed to be used as party motels and holiday motels, right inside the residential neighborhood. 
One house on Byron had 15 motorcycle guys stay there for Memorial Weekend, and the same house then had a situation on June 14 involving criminal activity and automatic weapons on the street at 89th and Byron during a police stop of people staying in that same house. At least one automatic assault weapon with a full clip of ammunition was recovered. (shown at the bottom left of the following photo.)


Remember Mayor Daniel Dietch's former hot-shot Manager?

Santeetlah’s Election Woes Are Over Posted on November 25, 2015 by Lisa Russo It seems as if one of the troubles plaguing the little Town of Lake Santeetlah has been resolved this week. Town Councilman, Roger Carlton, lost his seat on the Council in the recent municipal elections, and then proceeded to file an “Election Protest” to the local Board of Elections.

The rampant, long term corruption in the city of Opa Locka is finally coming to light.  Will anyone actually be held accountable, or will the series of news articles end not with convictions and jail sentences but with a whimper and another closed chapter in wild and uncontrolled criminal and unethical conduct by local officials in this area?

The town of Surfside is exposed to being the next major target of investigators for both federal agencies and the media.  Local law enforcement and ethics officials have closed their eyes to Surfside for the last several years while the roots of corrupt activity grew deep and ever more concealed.  Surfside, a/k/a Opa Locka East, has a far more sophisticated brand of conflicts of interests, profiteering, and betraying the public trust, but it is a corrupt system nonetheless.  Millions of dollars to engineering firms, delivered year after year without bids or competition, millions of dollars in debt to increase water and sewer capacity for the benefit of developers with the cost handed to the taxpayers, changes in zoning laws written by the lawyers for developers to maximize their profits even while lowering the boom on residents' quality of life, forcing residents to endure high water and sewer bills plus high congestion plus ridiculous traffic plus public safety dangers all just so local officials can ingratiate themselves and their employers with the big money of the overdevelopment special interests who now control Town Hall.

So, as the news emanates from Opa Locka and brews in Opa Locka East (Surfside), we move closer to exposure of all of the intricate and slimy deals of local officials who have deprived their constituents of an honest government.  If you take the time to read through this blog and its litany of facts, documents and video evidence, you will start to see just how bad things have become and how much we pay for being robbed by unethical officials.

How do Shell Corporations affect Surfside, Florida politics?.... Follow the money trail Follow the money trail of former Vice Mayor Howard S. Weinberg and others. Weinberg may be credited with being a former mayor in other posts, we acknowledge he was only vice Mayor. There appears to be a stink coming in from the bay.

Another one of the original gang that highjacked the Town of Surfside, FL was Mark Blumstein who is now attempting to become a judge. We ask if the reference to his military work in the U.S. Navy Reserve is ethical.

The Code of Conduct for United States Judges includes the ethical canons that apply to federal judges and provides guidance on their performance of official duties and engagement in a variety of outside activities.

The following was taken from his web site:
Mark Blumstein is a member of the U.S. Navy Reserve. Use of military rank, job titles, and photographs in uniform does not imply endorsement or sponsorship by the Department of the Navy, Department of Defense and/or its affiliates

The following relates to a recent story in concerning CH2 M which used to be known as CH2 M Hill

Message to federal investigators:

It is not about the flow of water.
It is about the flow of money.
Look deeply into the corruption of Surfside and find criminal fires that rage in many communities in Florida.
Ask the following questions about  CH2 M Hill
How many tens of millions does CH2M give to Calvin Giordano each year?
How many hundreds of millions does CH2M profit from Miami-Dade County and its municipalities?
Who does the Mayor of Surfside work for?
Who pays his salary and his bills?
How may bonuses and enhancements and incentive payouts has the Mayor of Surfside obtained from his "service"?
Does Surfside and its current officials ever oppose the County on anything?
Does Surfside ever avoid needless payouts to "consultants" these days?
What are Surfside's total legal expenditures and who gets the bags of money?
Does Surfside hire former County employees to run the Town?
Does Surfside stand up for anything other than profiteering?

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