Surfside mayor and commissioners continue to deceive residents

Surfside politicians lied to the people when they promised that; as a result of the town selling out its zoning code to allow for massive developments, the town would receive so much more in revenue from maximized development sites that taxes on residents would go down.

  Well, someone received money, but it sure was not the taxpayers. Town officials have announced their intention to raise taxes for over 10% for next year and to bloat the town budget again to accommodate the costs of the massive new developments.  Hmmm, developers get to write the zoning laws to maximize profits and then they get the town government to foot the bill for a lot of expenses; including their desired parking garages, police costs, sanitation costs, water demands, congestion, etc etc. Town payments to keep current on the huge debt incurred to build the developers a new water and sewer system keep haunting taxpayers and are a huge burden on the town financially

The very poor, and corrupt, decisions made by town officials are starting to come home to roost on the necks of town taxpayers.

Surfside's current officials have sold their integrity along with our community's future.  Everything they do is about the flow of big money. How could residents and taxpayers be anything other than concerned, even shocked, at the betrayal that town officials have foisted upon the present and future of Surfside.

Are we the only community being choked out by over development?  No, surely no, but this is our community, and we moved here because of its scale and charm, and all that is being sold out from under us.

The massive new developments along A1A are going to add crushing additional traffic congestion, utility expenses, police expenses, and higher taxes for us.  The continuous effort to take everything small and turn it into things that are big, is suffocating the future of our little town.

Surfside mayor and commissioners now starting the process of building town parking garages for the benefit of developers, using town money and bonds to be guaranteed by taxpayers, 

TOS is now preparing to solicit bids, and making plans on how to avoid a referendum - or alternatively to use town money to publicize misleading information to influence voters to approve a referendum.

They are going to say that the huge new parking lots they want to deliver to hidden developers and their lawyers, will have no impact upon residents' quality of life or tax rates (baloney of course on both points). The scheme is a disruptive, damaging, costly, foolish and deceptive plan of the town commission on how to put lipstick on a sell-out pig, just like they did with much of the zoning laws.

Mayor Dietch and Commissioner Karukin, and your predecessors Charles Burkett and Howard Weinberg  
probably have already hired the same lawyer and eventually there will be the same result.

Two of a kind. Sharing ethics, morals, skills, focus, life course, and fraud characteristics.  Anthony Wiener of New York and Howard Weinberg of Miami Beach/Surfside and Aventura, three communities he has disgraced. Is Weinberg three times worse than Wiener who has only disgraced one community?  Or is it a per capita race? Is it a matter of how many constituents were thumbed at?

Look into the histories of Wiener and Weinberg and try to discern any real differences between them. Perhaps Wiener is planning to relocate to South Florida? Will he become a consultant to Calvin Giordano?  Will he retain Lynn Dannheisser?

Continuing in their long course of shady dealings, former ethics impaired Surfside commissioner Howard Weinberg, now a (ethics impaired) Aventura commissioner, with deep ties to many alleged illicit operations and 'businesses', is being lobbied by former ethics impared Surfside town attorney Lynn Dannheisser.

Dannheisser is now a lobbyist after being tossed out by several cities, clients and firms. She now lobbies Weinberg on behalf of clients who themselves have a long history of legal troubles. And they both continue to benefit from their 'relationships' with vendors and contractors who reap millions every year from Surfside and Aventura.

By the way, it was former Surfside commissioner Mark Blumstein who was in business relationship with the former Mayor of Sunny Isles when he brought Dannheisser to be the Surfside Town Attorney. Google all the names to see how they are connected.

Blumstein now wants to be a Judge?

The following was taken from his web site:
Mark Blumstein is a member of the U.S. Navy Reserve. Use of military rank, job titles, and photographs in uniform does not imply endorsement or sponsorship by the Department of the Navy, Department of Defense and/or its affiliates
Today it was Miami, in the future, Surfside? "We will continue to hold municipalities and their officers accountable, including through trials, if they engage in financial fraud or other conduct that violates the federal securities laws,” Andrew Ceresney, director of the SEC’s division of enforcement, said in a statement.

Read more here:

Old politicians never go away, they represent other communities, or seek to elevate themselves through the court system.

Even Columbo could not figure it all out

The Parking Garage development scam plan of town officials: give millions to CGA (Calvin Giordano and Associates) for studies (traffic studies, circulation studies, engineering studies, cost studies, community impact studies), all with a predetermined conclusion of course.

The orders are to do studies, bill the town for seven figures, and give up reports that say all would be just marvelous if the town built a huge parking garage for the benefit of special interests. Then use those "expert" reports as propaganda to sway public opinion.

It is all about the under the table deals that this mayor and commission have made over the past several years so now it is payoff time once again and guess who will pay, and pay, and pay? The residents of the town of course. 

Nice conflicts of interest too and a coverup that the planners and the engineers and the studiers and the attorneys also have ties and connections and relationships with the Bal Harbour Shops and the owners of neighboring properties and the developers who are ready to pounce?

And won't a parking garage that takes in cash payments be a nice addition to the corruption machine already in high gear in this town?  Imagine the possibilities!

And look at the line forming at the door to the mayor's office and manager's office - the line of bond lawyers, bond financial officers, developers, developer's lawyers, general contractors, and commercial real estate brokers? Surfside residents and taxpayers are about to face the onslaught of lies from Town Hall. The public's own officials are scheming up to fool everyone once again. $$$$$

Ch2M and The Mayor of Surfside, Florida