URGENT! Town of Surfside: subsidizing developers and raising taxes on residents

Surfside town officials have been engaged in unethical conspiracies with developers and special interests for the last eight years. They have changed zoning laws, ignored zoning laws, disregarded laws about citizens' right to vote in referendums on major issues, and forged their own charter changes onto deceptively worded ballots like the one coming up in November 2014. All of the efforts of town officials are focused and targeted upon maximizing profits for outside special interests. A huge flow of cash has been raging through this town for several years now, enriching selected recipients who cashed in on construction projects, dense hotel projects, and massive increases in the town's congestion and density. Town officials should all be replaced since they serve themselves, their twisted priorities, and profiteers and turn their backs on town residents. These very same town officials refuse to set term limits and instead are trying to convince uninformed voters to allow for longer terms and staggered terms, so that change can never come, so that accountability can never happen. Here is the latest disclosure on how town officials are stabbing town residents in the back:

Surfside condo owners fighting with developers
The dispute is helping expose the new real estate boom’s dark side — a controversial tactic that cash-rich investors are adopting across Florida as they seek properties to redevelop." Miami-Herald 10/18/2014.

Read more here: http://www.miamiherald.com/#storylink=cpy

Fort Capital affiliate merges with The Surf Club for $116M

Ethics charges should be brought against all town elected officials and employed officials and administrators who conspired to produce a fraudulent demolition order as a means of greasing the wheels for special interests.  Where is the Dade County Ethics Commission now?  The Florida Ethics Commission?  The State Attorney?  Why are Surfside town officials allowed to abuse the town's laws, the town budget, the town's contracts, and the town's honor?

Surfside voters! Vote NO in November. NO on Charter changes. No on election system changes. NO on longer terms of office for town officials. NO on their near-future schemes for bond issues. NO on next year's referendum on parking garages for developers to be paid for by taxpayers (they will try to shove it down our throats even without a referendum). Go down your ballot and on everything the corrupt town administration and cronies want to turn the town upside down with -- say NO.

The Surfside Town Administration, misled by mayor Dietch and long time selfserver Eli Tourgeman, constantly lie to the people of Surfside.  Now they say they are lowering taxes.  Yeah sure just like they improved the zoning code, eh?

From the Internet: The Miami Herald
Sep 18, 2014 ·" Surfside commissioners tentatively agreed last week to cut the town’s property-tax rate." PURE BULL CRAP!

They consistently pull off scams to deprive the people of the town of their money and their quality of life. They have totally sold out the zoning code, and they have jacked up taxes, fees, and they now take more money that ever from the residents.  This year the town's total tax take was $6,063.578 and next year it is going to be $6,723,551.  Although the mayor and town officials told the Miami Herald they were lowering taxes and got a false article published, the State of Florida required the Town to put the following notice in the paper that in actuality town taxes are going UP, not down.

In addition, Surfside's charges to residents for water, sewer, and garbage have SOARED to the highest levels in history while the level of services has dropped significantly from what it used to be.  We are paying much more, and getting less.  That is the way Surfside works today.  Take from the residents, give to developers. And next, they want us to pay for parking garages so developers can build more units instead of any parking spaces!  An insane way to run a local government, corrupt to its core

Read what your friends and neighbors say about the CORRUPTION IN SURFSIDE, FLORIDA. They remain anonymous because of retribution fears from the LYING Administration of Daniel Dietch and Eli Tourgeman that transformed once Beautiful Surfside, Florida into this hell-hole of corruption.

The drainage project (where they are digging up Biscaya Drive for the third time in a year and will repave the road again when done) is the town's usual snail paced, high priced, filthy and corrupt mess. While the taxpayers pay and pay and pay, the workers rarely show up. When they do, they eat and drink and throw their trash into piles right in the roadway and leave it there when they leave. The photos speak for themselves, and do the massive town checks that keep going to consultants, engineers, contractors, and buddies of town officials.

Bigger, longer, wider, more dense buildings. Larger lots. More lot coverage. Ever expanding concrete masses. Bad for flood capacity. Bad for drainage. Bad for storm protection. Bad for flood insurance rates. This town is dooming itself in so many ways and all just to bend over backwards for development maximizers seeking to profit and run. Tax and fee increases here are going to be endless as we pay for their frauds and cons and thefts.  Anonymous 9/18/14

A time dishonored feature of corrupt government. Putting public property into the sloth of dirty deals disguised as businesses. Letting nature's sands be used for exploitation and to gather the wealth to fund kickbacks to town officials. Anonymous 9/15/14

Smoke signals from the dark minds of corrupt town officials reveal one of their next town sell-outs, they are planning more exploitation for the sands of Surfside - they want to bring in beach concessions - vendors selling products and services - on the public beach.  Anonymous

Town officials will be using taxpayers' money to promote a YES vote on everything they want to gain that additional stranglehold on the town's future. Will residents get organized and go door to door to inform EVERYONE that the town officials are scamming for their own agenda and that voters should eagerly vote NO on all town referendum questions? Who is up to leading and organizing and informing and saving what is left of the community we all moved here to be a part of, before it got sold out?  Anonymous 9/10/14

Surfside Commission and Committees Motto: Deflect, Deflect, Deflect.  Anonymous 9/6/14
Surfside voters! Vote NO in November. NO on Charter changes. No on election system changes. NO on longer terms of office for town officials. NO on bond issues. NO on parking garages for developers to be paid for by taxpayers. Go down you ballot and on everything the corrupt town administration and cronies want to turn the town upside down with -- say NO