Surfside, Florida 2006-2015 Residents claim it's the Most Corrupt Community in the United States of America

Town officials allowed developers to pollute and poison the public beach.  Now there is word leaking out that the town has dumped debris from a road construction project into the bay just south of 87th and Carlyle.  The debris and dumped material have been covered by sand and there is now a large area of raised submerged bay bottom that is full of .... who knows what.

More than words are leaking out too.  And the town ignores the obvious recent and continuing pollution of the bay waters surrounding the town, which daily show the flowing materials seen in these photos. 

Meanwhile the defectively designed drainage system lets more salt water into the town and onto the streets coming up and in from the bay than it does to put drainage into the bay and even when it does that it carries pollutants from roadways into the public waterway.  Its a pollution cycle engineered by town officials and their extremely well paid engineers and consultants to continue to rake in millions of our tax dollars to produce worse and worse impacts on the community and of course bigger and bigger profits for developers and special interests.

With town hall working against the people instead of for the people its easy to see why the town's quality of life is on its way sharply down, down, down. And this is what we have bond debt for?  To pay for developers profit margins and destroying the environment?
Now Hear This

 of local election rules


Harvard Law School’s Edmond J. Safra Center for Ethics is out with a fascinating new report measuring legal and illegal corruption in American states, and Florida does not fare particularly well.
The deep dive is here, but here’s the short take: •Illegal corruption is “moderately common” in Florida’s executive branch. •Illegal corruption is “very common” in the state’s legislative branch. •No state has a high ranking for illegal corruption in its judiciary.
When it comes to “legal” corruption, Florida falls into the “very common” category in both the executive and legislative branches. Florida is also listed as one of America’s most corrupt states, along with Arizona, California, Kentucky, Alabama, Illinois, New Jersey, Georgia, New Mexico, Pennsylvania, Indiana, Rhode Island, and Texas.
The Safra Center compiled its corruption rankings in part by surveying news reporters covering state politics across the country, in addition to the investigative reporters covering issues related to corruption during the first half of 2014.
The corrupt powers of Surfside Town Hall have moved the "qualifying period" from next year, shortly before the town election,  over to this year, way before the election, in an effort to prevent anyone from running against them. They want to open the door to candidates early and then slam it closed soon after.  Basically they are planning a stealth election that protects the incumbants from being challenged, despite their obvious treason to the community.
How can it be stopped?  It is a process and it does take time but it is moving forward and the town officials who cover up what is going on are exposed to spotlights well deserved because of their lies deceit and sellouts of their oaths of office about seving the people.
Sec. 26-14. - Change in qualifying dates for the March 15, 2016 general election.
Change in qualifying dates. With regard to the town's March 15, 2016 general election, Chartersection 101's qualifying periods are hereby changed to establish a qualifying period to commence on November 17, 2015 and to end on December 7, 2015 (i.e., 119 to 99 days prior to the election), with any amended qualifying petition (as otherwise permitted pursuant to Charter section 101) to be filed by no later than December 11, 2015.
Establishing end of supplemental qualifying period. With regard to the town's March 15, 2016 general election, the end date for any supplemental qualifying period shall be December 17, 2015.
It is not on anyone's planning radar yet. Current town officials changed the rules: changed the system: setting short and  deadlines soon, so they can overcome any potential opposition by having no one know, no one ready, no one file, no one register, until it is too late and the corrupt regime "wins" by default due to a rigged system
This was and is a conspiracy of all town officials including the mayor, commissioners, town manager, town attorney, town consultants, town preferred contractors, developers, developers' attorneys, and the whole inside crowd which corrupts Surfside and pounds its residents with the costs of a corrupt government that serves special interests and deceives town residents and taxpayers.
Now is a great time to put a slate together
Do you want to place your name on the ballot for the Office of Mayor or Town Commission?  Candidates wishing to qualify for either Mayor or Town Commission may do so between the dates of November 17, 2015 and December 7, 2015 at 5 p.m., by obtaining a qualifying packet from Town Clerk, Sandra Novoa.  In order to receive information vital to your campaign and financial reporting requirements, please visit the Office of Town Clerk, Town Hall, Second Floor, 9293 Harding Avenue, Surfside.  All forms must be filed with the Town Clerk in order to qualify.  If you have questions, please feel free to contact Sandra Novoa, MMC, Town Clerk 305-861-4863      Ext. 227 or email

9/15/2015: The Herald reported that Miami Beach's top two finance employees have resigned.  The Herald did not report that once the resignations were hand written on a scrap of paper, the two were escorted out of City Hall and into the parking lot

W*****'s annual salary was $232,994.58. E*****'s was $164,817.64.

All other local governments are lowering the tax burdens on their residents. Not Surfside.  TOS is jacking up taxes and fees and water rates and lowering nothing but the boom on its residents and taxpayers.  The cost of a corrupt local government is very high, the need for more and more money to pass onto greedy waiting hands is always spiraling upward.

Town officials now work to undermine the residents' quality of life once again this time by selling out the public beach for the use of developers so they can put concessions and beach chairs and businesses all over the public beach and dominate its use. 

In the August issue of the Town Gazette, the taxpayer funded mouthpiece newsletter for the lies and propaganda of town officials:

Page One:
"In recent years, Surfside has been discovered." "We have to prepare for changes and protect our interests."

Translation:  "The vast wave of overdevelopment that has resulted from the corrupt changes of zoning laws in Surfside has brought with it many waves of pollution of various kinds, including poisoning of the public beach, traffic congestion, financial burdens transfered onto the backs of residents, and a rising tide of criminals, thieves, robbers, burglars, and assorted hoodlums who are destroying the safety and tranquility of the community."

Sad how now Surfside is infested with not only corrupted officials running town hall for the benefit of special interests, but also the additional infestation of common criminals who are victimizing the residents at the highest crime levels in town history.

How the massive corruption which started years earlier got it's momentum:....


"Everything changed in 1997, when real estate developers and other business groups succeeded in passing a referendum to incorporate Sunny Isles as a town. From that point on, building, planning and zoning decisions were stripped from the Miami-Dade County Commission and put in the hands of the industry-dominated Sunny Isles City Commission, whose current members consist of a real estate executive, a property lawyer and a former advertising executive. What happened next was the most spectacular neighborhood transformation seen in Miami since cocaine money rebuilt the city’s downtown area beginning in the late 1970s.

The first mayor was David Samson, a parking garage magnate from Chicago who retired to Sunny Isles and helped "remake a sleepy area of low-rise motels built along Collins Avenue in the 1950s into a sparking city of condominium towers," according to his 2003 obituary. Norman Edelcup, a former banker and real estate executive, succeeded Samson upon the latter's death, and the city has been a property developer's wet dream ever since." See: Attorney Lynn Danheisser

Last honest Surfside administrations occured with
Honorable Mayors Paul Novack (1992-2004) and Honorable Tim Will Mayor 2004 - 2006.

"Does this look like a sewer break to you? Streaming west along 88th Street for several days. Could be from pipes, from the commercial marina, ... don't know." From a concerned resident.

Surfside got hijacked by

 The Corrupt Administration of Charles W. Burkett IV in 2006

Mark Blumstein was a crony of hypocrisy chief, Charles Burkett. Who is Charles Burkett?

The organized plan to take over of the Town of Surfside originated earlier but actually took place under the Burkett regime, of Blumstein, Howard S. Weinberg ...Weinberg's connection to Pornography: Sobonito, Coto, Levine with more help from new residents moving into town. Stay tuned in for more information, on Daniel Dietch and Michael Karuken,....Eli Tourgeman, And you are probably wondering how it all happened. Wonder no more!.....Barry Cohen, Marta Olchek aka Marta Kozolchyk Olchyk. It's all here for you to read:  Follow the imaginary yellow brick road in Surfside and you will know what we are blogging about.          

 Obvious to morally inclined people:  conflicts of interest?

Deceptive, manipulative abuse of the "consent agenda" scam can preclude the public from knowing what is going on. For example, deviations of town spending from the town budget in this agenda, gets glossed over with no public explanation. To understand how these "consent agendas" are used, read Alex Daoud's book Sins of South Beach.

It is interesting to note that the good Mayor Daniel Dietch, recently completed a massive solar panel project on his home - and one of the ordinances push through was most likely pertaining to him... But now we imagine of course it would apply to all applicants for solar panels?

And they still haven't dealt with short-term rentals which for all intents and purposes are illegal.

Sure Dietch, change laws to facilitate what you want to put on your house. Now that you've changed the law, have you also gotten a freebie or huge discount to put that stuff up there and publicize how 'green' you are? Green indeed. Did the developers pay for those solar panels? Where is the paper trail?

And while we are talking about developers paying for something in return, let's not overlook former Mayor Howard S. Weinberg's underhanded dealings.
So does the Bal Harbour Mayor, all members of the Village Council, the Village Attorney and his firm, the Village Manager, the Village Auditors, and the officers of the Bank, all take a walk and claim they know nothing? What a ridiciulous, outradeous Sgt. Shultz routine that is! They dealt with money launderers the same as they deal with developers .... its all about rolling in cash and spewing profits to the side to enrich certain people. Bal Harbour and Surfside have one thing in common:
The Untold Story
Officials who have no clue about ethics or public service.

  Money Laundering Machine
Not even our attorney did anything to stop it,” said Lynne Bloch-Mullen. “
This time, the people will not stand by you.”

How did it happen you ask?  It's because they have the same spokespeople.

Morons.No setbacks, zero.No compliance with public interest zoning limitiations. Total control of Surfside town attorney, town manager, town mayor, town commission, and town building deparment.Disgraceful results. Huge profit to the developer with ties to zoning lawyers and policitians who walk away "enriched".

Taken from "clean up city of St. Augustine, Fl blog
We neither confirm nor deny the following connections to Akerman Senterfitt Clients listed in that blog. Ole-Boy Network Akerman-Senterfitt....

1, Developers-Sylvia Coltrane, Grand Beach Hotel Surfside and City of Miami, Fl
2.CB richard ellis , Lareine Steinfeld, Martin Wiescholeck and Jay Senter. Who is Martin Wiescholeck?  And, who is Jay Senter; Where did he come from?

Former Honorable Mayors Paul Novack and Tim Will kept the developers at bay until 2006. Martin Wiescholek was the first agitator to disrupt Surfside, starting in 2001. He failed in his attempt to take over the Town. Jay Senter arrived and took over where Wiescholek and his wife Marion Ott left it, and he also failed to get what they all wanted.

3.Gibraltor Private Bank and Trust Company, Michael Szafranski
4.Teva pharmaceuticals-Lobbyist Ron Book, Michael Karukin...Who is Ron Book?
5.City of Gainsville where former Manager W.D. Higginbotham was employed as Manager
6.HSBC-Eli Tourgeman-... Daniel Dietch and Michael Karukin... 

It was always rumored that in exchange for his pushing of 5 variances for the Shul in about 1990 that Tourgeman was given a seat up front in the Shul that would normally require a $25,000 donation. We acknowledge "The SHUL" has many prominent members....doctors, lawyers and we allege they will be indebted to Eli Tourgeman.    Just like Charlie Burkett's electrician who checked the Community Center pool and "discovered" a faulty underwater light causing the pool to be shut, destroyed and rebuilt.

7. Michael Szafranski and Scott Rothstein Ponzi Scheme...Who is Michael Szasfranski?

Blumstein orchestrated and implimented a ridiculous and corrupt looking contract for a town attorney, and 'awarded' it to his pal Lynn Danheisser. {Contract Charade}.

We sure pulled one over on Surfside suckers

She in turn proceeded to sell out all of Surfside's zoning code to her clients and fellow developer lawyers who acually wrote the new town codes and she signed it.

It's interesting to note that Bay Harbor Islands, Bal Harbour and Surfside, Floria converge at "The Shul". One might say all roads to and from the area are controlled by the members of The Shul. We say, check the history.

Mark Blumstein endorsed the whole sellout and pretended to be proud of what he did, which essentially was to sell out his constituents, the residents and taxpayers of Surfside.

Blumstein was one of the chief architects of the Community Center project fiasco; the destruction of the historic building, and the wasting of ten million dollars of taxpayers' money for chosen planners and builders, etc.

Now in 2015 ol' Mark Blumstein has proclaimed that it is time for him to become a Judge. He has applied for appointment by Rick Scott to the bench in Miami-Dade.  Hmmm ... worth a look back to these prior pages about the guy who wants to be a judge and the gal who he got a sweet crazy town attorney deal for.