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There’s a powerful message here: "Wealth is to be earned, and re-earned; it should not be the reward for exploiting others. It does not confer greatness, nor does it necessarily demand trust". "Chabad has never been recognized as a valid Jewish ideology." Chabad ideology is NOT Jewish."

Commissioner Joseph Graubart's last message to the Commission., Undisputed Facts,

SURFSIDE RESIDENTS SOUND OFF: You can comment at the bottom of each post.

Now that organized corruption in Surfside is run from inside town hall by five self service elected officials and their minions who slived millions out of town money every year now they will want to change more and more systems and sell more and more zoning and put out more and more bonds to build garages and all sorts of things that they let the developers off the hook for --- all for $ome obstensibly unknown reason! 4/13/14

The next move from the corrupt surfside town hall is to try to change the election system again to suit their plans for ongoing total control. They want to push in 'staggered terms' so that the entire commission can never be tossed out together, making sure than any change would take years and be blocked at every turn. Change would be peranently prevented. The sellouts of zoning and public money would continue forever. More bond issues, more public debt, more huge fees for the buddies of those in permanent power. They want to make Surfside into their own little permanent dictatorship to rob from us and let the corrupt ones bathe in the benefits. 4/13/14

This is very interesting post indeed. But i have a request please try to post shortly so that we can understood your post easily. If possible please try to consider my request. I have already bookmarked it. Hope we will get something extra from here. on Lynn Dannheisser-Lobbyist, Miami-Dade County 4/6/14

Along A1A developers are being gifted huge density increases and are being allowed to build without adequate parking, all to enrich those developers and crease tons of cash to be spread around. The resulting congestion will also put pressure on the town (self created pressure, fictional) to build parking garages at the expense of the taxpayers. Bond counsel fees. Interest payments. The opeation of parking garages raking in cash every day, more and more cash, to spread around into the chosen pockets. Coalvin Giodano's bloated pockets. This is what Surfside has become, a giant crooked cash machine for corruption and crooks to take advantage of with full cooperation from Town Hall. 3/11/14

The ignorant arrogance of Karukin and the evil jealous hatred of Imberman. Ethics-less Dietch and his pack of money wolves. In the years to come their income stream and assets will be reviewed by federal authorities. 3/11/14

With the departure from the town commission of Joe Graubart, Surfside will now have a 100% corrupt government going forward. He was the only one with honesty while the mayor and commission and administration corruptly hammer out the taxpayers money and quality of life and pay it all over to the greed and evil of exploiters and white collar crooks. 3/11/14

Is Surfside reliving the past when the Weinberg Sobonito crews used vacant housing for making porn movies? 3/7/14

Now they have moved the filming into the weinberg house and front yard and backyard.... 3/7/14

Don't blame the code enforcement dept, blame the policy makers and administrators- heads of the snake. 3/7/14

When they turn the entire properties over to filmers, they take off. 3/7/14

Residents all over Surfside are witnessing commercialization of their residential areas, code abuses, favoritism, a blind eye from town hall, campaign contributions and outside support from developers, gift fees to lawyers and bond counsel, and all sorts of money flow, changing Surfside and damaging its quality of life and level of public safety. Everything is driven by greed, and a heavy price is coming into sight for the families of Surfside. 3/7/14

Its called the "Dietch-Dannheisser-Burkett-Weinberg" scam and it rages on and on. Locals quality of life dropping and tax, water, sewer and other bills soaring - soaring like the ridiculous density of the buildings these clowns have brought about. Must be nice and profitable for the chosen few. 1/11/14

The above is absolutely 100% correct. on Bakker law suit. 11/23/13

One missing link. The X-manager of Surfside, Rodger Carlton who was her partner in all that went on in Surfside. on Bakker law suit 11/22/13

This monstrasity is totally wrong 71/2 feet from homes. God will make YIBH pay for this. Sooner or later. on Update 11/22/13

Facts in Surfside are more incredible than any fiction but obviously there is truth to the notion that where there is smoke there is fire. Something is blazing at town hall and someone is making out big. Someone should report a theft - stolen is the town's zoning code, the town's ethics code, millions of the town's money, and all of town hall's integrity. Big time haul. on Ch2M Hil 11/19/13

Records obtainable in 2013, going back six years to examine all transactions both domestic and offshore of the facilitators of greed and corruption and deception and profit driven manipulation the whole team all who grabbed benefits and sunk the town's future they can all now anticipate that justice is slow but it is coming down the tracks. Truth be told. Overdue but important there will be more of this until the whole deal is stopped. on Road to Disaster 11/10/13

"Dishonest government officials aren't just wasting your tax dollars," the ad said. "They're betraying your trust. Report public corruption to the FBI." That's right. Crooked officials are so rampant in Florida, we actually have the feds taking out front-page ads … in the state capital, appropriately enough. This shouldn't be a surprise. Last year, a grand jury studied Florida's heinous record and found that more than 800 public officials had been convicted during a 10-year period — the highest total in America. We're talking about everything from bid-rigging to cash payouts. And that says nothing about all the improprieties we read about that never get prosecuted. The statewide grand jury had demanded action. It called for major reforms, tougher penalties, greater disclosure and stronger teeth in the state's anti-corruption efforts. Yet can you guess what legislators did to address this issue last month? Nothing. 10/29/13

Ch2M Hill

We've been telling everyone for years that the Town spent it's reserve and is now just about broke and can not pay for underground utilities.

Amazing news! It took a new financial officer and a new manager to determine that Surfside, Florida does not have the money for all the lofty goals set by Mayor Daniel Dietch, Mayor of Surfside, Florida.

It's time for a HISTORY LESSON.
Is anyone watching to see what happens "post game"? If so, please comment on questions we ask and also on your own questions. Where did the former Public Works Director go? Former Finance Director? How about the former town managers? The last one claimed to be a "fixer" of old clocks. How is/are the former vice mayor(s) pretending to 'earn' a living? Anyone getting contracts or doing consulting work for CGA or Ch2m Hill?. Do any other persons or firm involved in our report, connected with CH2M Hill? Was CH2M HILL represented by the same lawyer (or Law firm) that sought zoning code changes and variances in Surfside? And is Attorney Stanley Price a partner of, and former partner of, just exactly who?
This is much more than a county ethics commission file?
We allege this is CH2M HILL modus operandi

And this is how they operate.

CH2mHill now runs [*this community of 100,000 residents] No need for elections in this city; and you thought Washington was corrupt!

"CH2m Hill has also shown up in the weirdest of places. For example, when the controversial Maurice Strong-led Earth Council took flight from the Costa Rican government which had been pursuing the Earth Council for payment of U.S. $1.65 million for the wrongful sale of land it imprudently donated to the Council, the Earth Council files and folders landed with no fanfare, in CH2m Hill's Consumer Road Toronto office towers, where as far as is known, they remain to the present day.
The international political influence of CH2M Hill would have to be rated as monumental."

Information posted on this blog is backed up by documentation where possible. Otherwise, our allegations are from extensive research that you are free to believe or disbelieve.

Mayor Daniel Dietch considers honest voters of Surfside, Florida bad people

Our editors do their best to verify information taken from blogs, it's an impossible task to get 100% verification and we offer the following for educational purposes only, without any claims. Whistleblower

"How did a company with a track record like that become the recipient of billions of dollars from the federal government? Giving over $380,000 to Democrats during the 2009-2010 cycle and over $512,000 during 2007-2008, including $45, 337 to Barack Obama, may have had something to do with it. In addition to political contributions to individual politicians, the AIM study cites the Center for Responsive Politics that reports that CH2M was lobbying their special interests via $455,000 worth of itemized expenditures in 2010."

If not for Daniel Dietch, we would not know the history behind all the corruption. As for the company represented by Surfside Mayor Daniel Dietch, CH2MHILL, Inc., Quote: "when Councilman Galvin contacted this reference, he was advised that IMECO, Inc. got the $800,000.00 “pumping station” job, NOT THROUGH A BIDDING PROCESS but by “word of mouth.” When questioned further, CH2MHILL’s representative told him that North Miami Public Works Director Aleem Ghany and former mayor Joe Celestin “brought him” to Faustin Denis and a deal was struck."

Fact: Job Well Done for the "Away Team". She flunked for the "Home Team". But she had a good ride on our dime, didn't she?

Good bye Lynn, it's been a costly engagement with the Town of Surfside hasn't it, and it's been all in your favor.

Please don't tell us you have a falling out with Roger Carlton because no one except the freelance reporter for the Miami Herald believes it. Dannheisser and Carlton are like two peas in a pod or twins tied at the hip.

We allege that it's criminal because it activates her golden parachute that she wrote in her own contract to begin with. Lynn Dannheisser's self written contract (with no protection for the Town of Surfside) is available on this blog. Her contract includes a severance package with six months of pay worth about $90,000--and the town will pay for her COBRA health insurance for six months for another cost of about $4,000. This blog understands that none of the commissioners wanted Dannheisser to leave her job but they voted "reluctantly" 3-2 to terminate her "without cause".

Score another huge payout for the Dannheisser buddy system with the revelation at the infamous "John Davis case" has been settled with $200,000 going to Davis and $400,000 going to the lawyers hired to represent the town. A bigger revelation was that Davis offered to settle FIVE YEARS AGO for $83,000! Strangely enough, Davis gets re issued a gun and badges but remains on administrative leave until his retirement in 2014 or his employment with ICE. Another $500,000 down the toilet!